Technology Facilitation

Technology Facilitation

Cutting edge advanced technological innovations and applications have greatly altered the way business is done around the world. Rapidly evolving novel technologies are presenting Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) with unprecedented opportunities to expand their markets, enhance their productivity and propel their growth and Governments to address grand challenges related to clean air, water and waste. Technology Facilitation Centre (TFC) have expertise in area of environment & energy conservation, resource efficiency, technology demonstration & replication, etc. Further, under the “Mission Innovate Punjab”, the TFC has the following mandate:
  1. To provide technical support for implementation of GoP’s Action Plans for Clean Air, Clean Water and Waste Management
  2. Adoption of advanced technologies & Industry 4.0 by MSME’s
  3. Networking of Industries with academic institutes for addressing the technology gaps & R&D requirements


Industry 4.0

The rise of new digital industrial technology, known as Industry 4.0, is a transformation that makes it possible to gather and analyze data across machines, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. This manufacturing revolution will increase productivity, shift economics, foster industrial growth, and modify the profile of the workforce—ultimately changing the competitiveness of companies and regions. Create awareness among the industry about the 4th Industrial revolution and prepare industry to adopt it. Facilitate linkages and collaborations with academia, research institutes and industries for adoption of industry 4.0.

R&D Centers

To create research and innovation temperament in the State, MNCs would be motivated to tap existing R&D strength of the State and also enhance the innovative temperament by setting up R&D centres in universities and research institutes. Further, strengthening of existing R&D centres would also be facilitated in collaboration with Industry & Government

Promoting Manufacturing Competitiveness

Sensitize industry about the importance of innovations and adoption of new technologies and facilitate innovation and technologies to promote manufacturing competitiveness.

Linkages and Networks

Facilitate in creating linkages between industrial clusters with universities and research institutes to address industries technology gaps and hand holding of industry for technological upgradation and R&D requirements.


Development of sensor system for the online monitoring of water quality of the river water of Punjab


Empanelment as Implementing Partners for replication of ‘Induced Draft Brick Kiln Technology’ with zigzag firing in the State of Punjab.

Waste Management

Facilitate in identification of existing technological gaps and Management of Waste by providing innovative solutions / technologies on waste being generated from different sources. Provide technical support to Govt. in implementation of waste management plans.