Innovate Central

Innovate Central is a networking platform to provide congenial environment to connect people, curate problems, co-develop ideas and facilitate innovation. It nurtures partnerships, synergies and linkages between different stakeholder’s i.e research and academic institutions, Industry, government and Non government organizations for building innovative Punjab.

We invite you to be a part of an innovation ecosystem that identifies Challenges /problems and facilitates solutions in line with state developmental priorities and boost tech led business growth.

Innovate Central offers unique access to research networks, pooled resources (facilities, technologies) for development departments, industrial organization, corporate sector, non government organizations having a grand challenge/problem statement / technological needs in search of a solution.

 It acts as a connector to link problems solution seeker with solution provider i.e academic & research institutions, startups & innovators whose expertise is leveraged for providing technological solutions.

Fostering Collaboration for Sustainable Development

Key Stake Holders


  • Address State Priorities
  • Build Tech led Industrial work force
  • Social Economic Growth Development
  • Building Capacities & Communicating Knowledge
  • Facilitating Resources

Identifying Problems/Challenges

We Invite

Development Departments, Industries, NGO’s
to submit
State Grand Challenges,Tech Challenges, Social Challenges

Finding Solution

We Invite

Researchers , Innovators, Startups
to provide
Technology based Solutions for Identified Problem Statements