• Celebration of National Technology Day:

National Technology Day is celebrated each year on 11th of May to high light the technological and scientific achievements of the country. The Council celebrates this Day with the help of Technical Institutes of the state, NGOs and Educational Institutes. Activities such as, exhibitions, competitions, debates, lectures etc. are organized under this program.

  • Spin Offs +

    Information resources on leading issues, events and ideas on climate change.

    Children Science Congress 2013+

    Knowledge base of the current trends and practices on sustainable building design.

  • Knowledge City +

    Knowledge City is a mega initiative of the State Government Coordinated

    Punjab Envis Center+

    Platforms to engage young people and make them
    aware on environmental issues.

  • Punjab Biodiversity Board +

    Conservation of Biological Diversity of Punjab by implementing the Biological Diversity Act 2002.

    PSCST news +

    At the forefront of Sustainable Change