Science Communication

The Council has identified Popularization Communication of Science as one of its key areas with the purpose of infusing scientific attitude in the public mind, through various means of display, publications and programs.

Current Programs: 

  • Celebration of National Science Day
  • Organization of Children’s Science Congress
  • Celebration of National Technology Day
  • Contact Program for Talented School Students:
  • Incentives to Young Scientists of Punjab
  • Networking for "WASH" - Eco-Water Literacy Campaign:
  • Publication of Science Magazine - Nirantar Soach:
  • Short and Long Term Programs for S&T Communication and Popularization:
  • Compilation of History of Science & Technology in Punjab:
  • Preparation of Software on History of Science & Technology in Punjab:
  • Extra  Mural Research Projects with Universities and R&D Institutes:


  • Spin Offs +

    Information resources on leading issues, events and ideas on climate change.

    Children Science Congress 2016-2017+

    Knowledge base of the current trends and practices on sustainable building design.

    Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre +
    Information on, Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre.
    Har Gobind Khorana Lecture Series +
  • Knowledge City +

    Knowledge City is a mega initiative of the State Government Coordinated

    Punjab Envis Center+

    Platforms to engage young people and make them
    aware on environmental issues.

    Science Essay Writing Competition for 2017 +

    To discover scientific talent and encourage students to think on broader aspects of........

  • Punjab Biodiversity Board +

    Conservation of Biological Diversity of Punjab by implementing the Biological Diversity Act 2002.

    PSCST news +

    At the forefront of Sustainable Change