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A four day workshop on "Teaching Mathematics through Origami" held in Shimla

A four day workshop on "Teaching Mathematics through Origami" held in Jodhpur

A boost to industry and agri entrepreneurial start - ups 

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A barren belt no more, kandi products making waves at home, abroad.

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Punjab CM orders energy audit of all Govt. buildings & Educational Institutions.

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Inauguration of India's 1st Technology & Innovation Support  Centre (TISC),

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Community Radio Programme 'Sehat ka Vardaan- Naari ka Sanman'

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National Science Day 2017 

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India's 1st Technology & Innovation Support  Centre (TISC),

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2nd Har Gobind Khorana Lecture

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Visit to Industry

Punjabi Tribune, 23.07.0217 View 

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