• Biotechnology

    • Value addition through processing and microbial fermentation.
    • Bio-resourse management.
    • Biopesticides and Biofertilizers.
    • Genetic Literacy.
    • Biotechnology Outreach.

  • Popularization of Science

    • Promotion and propagation of scientific & rational outlook .
    • Creation of a feeling that science is fun.
    • Encourage debate on developmental issues to enable informed decision making.
    • Developing software to spread the message of Science.

  • Consultancy Cell

    • Develop & demonstrate cost-effective pollution control technologies with major emphasis on:
      • Waste minimization
      • Energy conservation
      • Process modification
      • Optimum utilization of resources
      • Cost effective solutions
    • Replication of demonstrated technologies
    • Capacity Building of entrepreneurs & their work force

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    • Patent Searches.
    • Awareness Workshops.
    • IPRs Filing Assistance.
    • Special Sessions/ Lecturer.
    • Analysis of Patent Information.
    • GI Filing.
    • IPR Training.

Recognised Scientific &Industrial Research Organisation by DSIR. Recognised as Scientific research association by CBDT. "BE RESPONSIBLE, BE VOTER"

Technology Transfer

Energy Efficient Cupola Furnace

ipr Support

The Council had evolved cost effective scrubbing technology for air pollution control in cupola furnaces.........
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Efficiency improvement brick in Brick Kilns

ipr Support

Sustained efforts of Council’s team in brick sector for over 15 years has resulted in development and demonstration of a number of energy efficient measures in brick kilns..
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Demonstration of heat recovery system in rerolling mills.

ipr Support

A technology for controlling air pollution from pulverized coal fired re-rolling mills has been developed.
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UNDP projects


Expressions of Interest Setting up of 3 Resource Efficient Brick (REB) units and Preparation of Investment Plans for 25 REB Units..
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  • Spin Offs +

    Information resources on leading issues, events and ideas on climate change.

    Children Science Congress+

    Knowledge base of the current trends and practices on sustainable building design.

    Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre +
    Information on, Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre.
    Har Gobind Khorana Lecture Series +
  • Knowledge City +

    Knowledge City is a mega initiative of the State Government Coordinated

    Punjab Envis Center+

    Platforms to engage young people and make them
    aware on environmental issues.

    State Level Science Essay Writing Competition +

    To discover scientific talent and encourage students to think on broader aspects of........

  • Punjab Biodiversity Board +

    Conservation of Biological Diversity of Punjab by implementing the Biological Diversity Act 2002.

    PSCST news +

    At the forefront of Sustainable Change