The Division of Environment assists the State Department of Environment, Govt. of Punjab in technical matters pertaining to environment, identification of major areas of ecological concern, defining the State Govt's policies and plans on various environmental issues, coordinating & monitoring schemes related to environment, creating environmental awareness and promoting environmental education, training & research. It is also implementing projects and programmes related to environment for international bodies like, UNESCO, UNDP, Sida, UNIDO, UNU-IAS, etc. as well as, programmes of the Ministry of Environment & Forests at the national level.

Current Projects

1. National Green Corps Programme

2.Conservation & management of wetlands

3. National Environment Awareness Campaign

4. Punjab ENVIS Centre - Status of Environment & Related Issues

5. Regional Centre for Expertise (RCE) Chandigarh on Education for Sustainable Development (EST)

6. State level Strategy and Action Plan on Climate Change

7. Status of Environment Reporting Project for Punjab & Chandigarh

8. UNIDO Project on management of Biomedical waste

9. Projects with UNESCO

10. Study on Municipal, Biomedical & Plastic waste & inventorization of plastics recycling units in Punjab

11. Management & Utilization of Paddy Straw

12. Celebration of Environmentally Important Days

13. Capacity Building onEnvironmental issues(Training & Education)

14. Trainings/Seminars/Workshops organized

15. Resource Material


The following projects have been completed by the Environment Division:

1.Preparation of State Policy on Environment & Development and Guidelines for Development Departments

2. UNESCO Projects

3.Green Aid Plan

4. Punjab Environment Status Report, 1995

5. Village Environment Improvement Scheme

6. Studies in Air, Water & Soil borne pollution in Amritsar

7. Allelopathic Impact of Sun-flower of Punjab Crops

8. Essay, Poster & Declamation Contest on Environment

9. Analytical Studies on Aquatic Ecosystem of Punjab

10. A study of Insecticides & Pesticides Pollution of Food stuffs & their toxic effect on man

11. Survey & Analysis of Ornamental Trees of Punjab for use in landscaping for improvement of environment

12. Effect of Budha Nallah Pollution on river quality and reproductive biology of some fishes

13. Demonstration of Low cost sanitation and low cost soak pit technologies

14. Survey of solid waste in seven towns

15. Project entitled "Human resource development and capacity building through development of target specific resource material and training for protection, conservation and restoration of wetlands in Punjab( India)"

16.Previous Trainings/Seminars/Workshops


1. Books

  •  Tree Directory of Punjab
  • Guide Book: Energy Education for Students (English & Punjabi)
  • Abstract Book: International Conference on 'Climate Change, Biodiversity & Food Security in the South Asian Region'
  • Birds of Keshopur Wetland (A Field Guide)
  • Punjab Environment Abstracts (1975-1995)
  • Biodiversity: The Web of Life
  • Biodiversity: The Very Stuff of Life 

2.  Status of Environment Reports

  •  State of Environment - Punjab 2014
  • State of Environment- Punjab 2007
  • State of Environment- Punjab 2005
  • Status Report on Municipal Solid Waste Management in Punjab
  • Status Report on Biomedical Waste Management in Punjab
  • Plastic Waste Management and Inventorization of Recycling Units in Punjab

3. Newsletters 

4. Posters/ Pamphlets

  •  Air Purifying Indoor Plants
  • Protected Area Network of Punjab
  • Biodiversity
  • Wetlands of Punjab
  • Action Towards Sustainability
  • Popular Ornamental Flower
  • Invasive Alien Plant Species in Punjab
  • Indus River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor)
  • Water Resources in Punjab
  • Sacred Plants Grown in Formation
  • Protected Area Network of Punjab
  • RCE-Chandigarh
  • Kanjli Wetland
  • Harike Wetland
  • Important Birds of Kanjli Wetland
  • Important Birds of Harike Wetland 

5. Research Papers/ Articles

  •  Pesticide Pollution in Punjab: A Review, 2007. Tiwana N.S., Jerath, Singh G . and Singh, R. (Editors). Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution, 6 (1).Pp :88-96
  • Bio-fertilizers: An Eco-friendly way to Replace Chemical Fertilizers
  • Characterization of Mango Diversity
  • Span Magazine, September, 2009. Globe Shines in Indian Schools, (Ed.) Giriraj Aggarwal, Published by Embassy of United States
  • The CloudSat Downlink: The Newsletter of CEN, 2008. NASA Club Inspires Indian Students Students explore clouds, environment, and poetry in Punjab, India. Published by Colorado State University
  • Climate EduXchange: A TERI-Dell initiative, 2012. CloudSat Education Network Programme, Use of ICT in Education for Sustainable Development. Published by TERI, New Delhi 


  • Spin Offs +

    Information resources on leading issues, events and ideas on climate change.

    Children Science Congress 2016-2017+

    Knowledge base of the current trends and practices on sustainable building design.

    Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre +
    Information on, Punjab State Climate Change knowledge Centre.
    Har Gobind Khorana Lecture Series +
  • Knowledge City +

    Knowledge City is a mega initiative of the State Government Coordinated

    Punjab Envis Center+

    Platforms to engage young people and make them
    aware on environmental issues.

    Science Essay Writing Competition for 2017 +

    To discover scientific talent and encourage students to think on broader aspects of........

  • Punjab Biodiversity Board +

    Conservation of Biological Diversity of Punjab by implementing the Biological Diversity Act 2002.

    PSCST news +

    At the forefront of Sustainable Change